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Requirements for a cook at Restaurant Colombo Hoppers in Vienna (Austria)

We are looking for a reliable chef or a good sous-chef, between the ages of 31-37, with practice/expertise in all areas of the kitchen. We are looking for a person who has pleasure in the work, has initiative, has good skills in traditional Sri Lankan, Indian, Oriental and international cuisine, and if possible also in the vegetarian/vegan cuisine, patisserie, fine dining and a la carte.


We expect the following soft-skills:

  • Punctuality
  • Cleanliness
  • Cost-effective use of raw materials
  • Creativity and an eye for aesthetics
  • Pleasure/joy at work and friendliness, since you will also be dealing with customers
  • Communication-skills and teamwork
  • Organization-skills
  • Work and time management
  • Creativity (for garnishing and setting)
  • Ability to learn and memorize (quantities, recipes)
  • Ability to cope with stress
  • Independence
  • Reliability


And the following hard-skills:

  • Fine motor skills
  • The capacity to prepare all the dishes stated in the menu attached, which will be tested at the trail
  • Specialized techniques
    • Cutting-techniques
    • taking out/removing from fish and meat
    • Garnishing/decorating
    • Grill-techniques
  • Distinctive sense of taste and smell
  • Regular quality checkups of the produced food by taste, smell and sight/optics
  • Work/professional experience abroad
  • Recognized language certificate in English or Germam


Areas of responsibility of this person:

  • Prepare all the Items of the Standard-Menu
  • Shopping and keeping inventory
  • Staff supervision
  • Setting the menus
  • Compliance and implementation of the hygiene guidelines (HACCP)
  • Ensure and improve the quality of the food


The available opportiunities:

  • A 3 year contract with the possibility of an extension
  • Monthly salary of € 1400 with two extra bonus payments in June and December according to capability salary is negotiable.
  • Board and lodging
  • Working clothes/uniform and material provided
  • Fully insured health care, accident and pension fund
  • Paid vacation, a total of 5 weeks distributed over the year
  • Secure workplace
  • A continuous employment extended over 3 years, ensures the possibility for family visa with all insurance benifits
  • The possibility of obtaining the Austrian citizenship the after 10 years of continuous employment
  • After 15 years of continuous and existing employment, entitlement to pension benefits
  • Excellent education and higher education opportunities
  • Free and globally recognized education/training opportunities for the children up to doctoral degree with state financed grants
  • The availability of government grants such as child allowances, housing allowances and training grants
  • The opportunity to live in Vienna, the city elected as “the world’s most livable city” for the eight time and one of the safest cities in the world



Please send your application documents to:

Place of work:

Restaurant Colombo Hoppers

Schönbrunner Strasse 84 im Hof

1050 Vienna (AUSTRIA)


Contact person:

Mr. Jayantha Abraham

+43 676 320 66 28