Something special for every taste

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Sri Lankan cuisine is anything but boring. That’s why you can expect a different facet of a great, diverse country at any time of the day. However, taste and quality are always the constant.

More than Curry and Dhal

The cuisine of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The kitchen is related to Indian cuisine, but differs in essential details. It consists of more than just curry and dhal and is diverse and colorful, rich in vegetables and spices.

“In Indian cuisine, a lot is cooked with butter lard and whipped cream and a lot of spice. We cook with coconut milk and fewer spices, so the Sri Lankan food is very light.”

By renouncing animal products in a variety of dishes, Sri Lankan cuisine, unlike many other kitchens, is already largely vegan by nature.

Colombo Hoppers Devilled
Colombo Hoppers Spices

Something special for every taste

Colorful & diverse

Under the motto “Something special for every taste” we have been serving our specialities for many years. The impressive thing about the dishes is the incomparable variety of tastes, which is achieved by lovingly tuning the individual ingredients. Our dishes – meat and fish dishes as well as vegetarian and vegan delights – are made up of many different delicious ingredients and therefore have their unique exotic aroma.

The typical peculiarity of the delicacies, which comes from the traditional recipes, also meets the European taste. Dishes from Sri Lanka are in principle mild and aromatic, but are prepared (very!) sharply on request.

What makes our kitchen

Quality and freshness

Quality & Freshness

We cook without artificial additives and always with fresh and high-quality food on a healthy basis. When shopping, we pay attention to regionality.

Spices and taste


The spices of Sri Lankan cuisine are used specifically. The taste of meat and vegetables should be fully appreciated and not covered.



Our motto is “Something special for every taste”. In addition to fish and meat, Vegetables and fruits are an important part of our cuisine. Thus, Sri Lankan cuisine also offers many fantastic opportunities for vegans and vegetarians.

Appreciation and love

Appreciation & Love

Food is valued by us and that is why we are keen to waste as little of it as possible. In addition, every food is prepared by us with great attention to detail.

Culinary trends

Culinary trends

Seasonal crossover dishes tie in with the roots of Sri Lankan cuisine. We are always keen to try new things. Everything that tastes good can also be put on our special menu.

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Our favorites

Specialities of the house


Colombo Rolle

fasched beef with Sri Lankan spices baked in a dough bag

Colombo Hoppers Colombo Role
Colombo Hoppers Hopper with Egg


Hopper with onion sambal

from rice flour and coconut milk, baked in bowls

Main course

Godamba Rotti

special Godambateig, prepared on the grill plate and cut into wide strips

Colombo Hoppers Godamba Rotti

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